Tolay Lake Regional Park: A Terrific Place for a Family Hike

Are you aware that the Tolay Regional Park can be accessed by the public seven days a week? Just recently, we visited this beautiful park and immensely enjoyed the whole experience. If you want to get out of the bustling urban for a while, this should be your next stop. They got everything from a picturesque place, picnic areas, friendly farm animals, to challenging paths and trails. It’s a whole package for the family.

Tolay Lake Regional Park has been recently added to the list of parks by the Sonoma County Parks System. Aside from that, it’s the largest park in the county as well. It’s located just by the old Cardoza Ranch off Lakeville Highway. Bordered by a valley and rolling hills, the 3,400-acre park is a sight to be seen. It is also inhabited by numerous birds and other wildlife.

Convenient picnic spots are scattered across the area, which are all equipped with charcoal grills and picnic tables. Nearby, you’ll find some domestic farm animals such as goats, chickens, and a miniature horse named Pete!

Tolay Park hosts a series of occasions throughout the year which include opportunities for kids to help feed the farm animals, organized hikes, and let’s not forget about the Tolay Fall Festival during October.

The park is open starting 7 in the morning until sunset. There is no entrance fee, but they will charge you $7/car for the parking fee. For members of the Sonoma County Regional Parks, this fee is waved.

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