California Spring Wildflower Hikes for the Family

Springtime in California is the most conducive season for a hike. The temperature is adequately cool and the sun isn’t blazing hot. Wildflowers and seasonal waterfalls are just some of the things to look forward to in the Marin hiking spots. Also, the trails are quite easy for the whole family. Here are some of the spring hiking trail reviews accessible for your family this 2019:

Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve

This preserve offers a spectacular view of Mt. Tam and San Francisco Bay. While you get to enjoy these views, being surrounded by colorful spring wildflowers just takes the cake. If you’re bringing kids along with you, the trails in this preserve are suitable for them. Furthermore, an offroad stroller can also be used here.

Old St. Hilary’s Open Space Preserve

Featuring the 19th-century church and a preserve of abundant wildflowers, Old St. Hilary’s is one of the top areas for wildflower viewing. Hiking through this preserve is a great way to see a beautiful blend of nature and a piece of history. There are also miles of trails here in the hills above Tiburon.

Mount Burdell Open Space Preserve

With a hidden lake, Mount Burdell is an explorer’s dream during spring. This preserve has all the great stuff to look forward to during spring, from wildflowers and stunning views to wildlife, miles of trails, and a seasonal pond. Naturalists can get a glimpse of the stunning nature. Animal enthusiasts can even view the lake critters such as frogs and newts high up the mountain.

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