How to Dress for Summer

Dress for Summer

There are different outfits to wear for every season, and dressing for summer is always one of the most exciting ones. There are just so many custom t shirts articles to choose from, and everyone can make their own statement through their style. If you’re new to this dressing-up-in-summer agenda, stop fretting. This article may just be the guide that you need.

Wear Sleeveless and Shorts

It’s summer, which means that the Sun is just scorching. This is why sleeveless and shorts are the best clothing articles to wear. They will help you deal with the heat while being stylish at the same time. Tank tops are common for women, but there are plenty of other kinds of sleeveless too. Just choose the cut that complements your figure the best. As for shorts, denim is very good for women, and men can opt to wear plaid shorts with neutral colors.

Wear Crop Tops

While this may not be the best clothing to wear for men, crop tops are a trend to women. You won’t even have to buy new ones as you can easily grab your old custom t-shirts; make a statement, cut them, and voila! You got yourself some fashionable crop tops.

Wear Short-Sleeves

For people who are not fans of sleeveless shirts, short-sleeves are also an option. Men, in particular, wear these with plain shorts or jeans in the summer to give themselves that fresh look and feel.

Opt for Pastel and Bright Colors

Summer isn’t summer without the bright colors all around. While it is very common to wear clothing articles with bright or pastel colors, that is not just because it has been the trend. Dark colors absorb heat while light ones repel it, and since summer is very hot, wearing clothing articles that are light-colored may just keep you from having a heatstroke.

Wear Prints

Of course, aside from bright and pastel colors, prints are also popular during summer. May it be floral, polka dots, or just abstract design, wearing printed tops is just one of the trends during the hot season.

Wear Hats or Caps and Shades

Wearing hats, caps, and shades can protect you from the blazing heat of summer. They also have a dual purpose because while they protect you, they also add to your fashionable summer look.

Dye Your Hair

Because colors are the trend in summer, why not apply vibrant ones on your hair as well? Most people dye their hair light brown or burgundy while others opt for a bolder choice like pink or ombre. No matter what color you choose, dying your hair is a good way to get your look summer-ready.

Wear Sandals, Flip-flops, Sneakers, and Topsiders

As stylish as boots are, they’re not made for summer. Wearing sandals and flip-flops is the better option, especially when you spend so much time at parks and beaches. Sneakers and topsiders are not bad choices either, especially when paired with shorts.

Put On Accessories

Of course, part of being fashionable is putting on accessories. For accessories to wear in summer, you may want to choose ones that give off the bohemian vibe like beads and straps.


While it’s good to be fashionably ready for the summer, keep in mind that comfort is important too. Thus, stay away from clothing articles made of wool and such, and opt to use clothes that are made of cotton and silk instead.

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