Awesome Outdoor Adventure Films to Watch this Summer

Outdoor Adventure Films

While movies are the bloodline of the entertainment industry, nothing pumps the adrenaline of the viewer more than a well-directed outdoor adventure movie. While the story remains the king, modern video shooting techniques have made watching movies on 123MoviesHub all the more enjoyable.

If you are lazing around on your couch, a great outdoor adventure movie might just encourage you to get up and explore the wild outdoors. So, here are a few critically acclaimed adventure movies that you need to watch this summer –

Into the Wild – A movie which has inspired many generations to explore the wilderness and be free from the shackles of the society, Into the Wild is a cult classic movie that an adventure lover needs to watch.

The movie is inspired by biographical journal “Into the Wild” written by Jon Krakauer and was nominated for several Golden Globe and Academy awards.

Frank and the Tower – This short documentary movie follows the journey of a well-known climbing expert, Frank Sanders, as he continues to follow his passion at Devil Tower in Wyoming. This film will inspire you to get out there and explore nature, no matter what your age or skill level you have.

Mile…Mile & a Half – Carrying the message of the thrill of a journey, rather than the satisfaction of reaching your destination, this movie captures the journey of a group of young artists who spend a month hiking in California.

Carrying no prior experience into this journey, the movie captures the journey of the young tyrants who conquer their fear and roam the unexplored in this movie.

The Long Start to the Journey – For those who want to pack their backpacks and roam into the wilderness, this movie covers the journey of Chris Gallaway who covers one of the most difficult trail in the world in a period of 7 months.

The story documents the ups and downs faced by someone embarking on the Appalachian Trail, and the spirit of the backpacking community as well.

Martin’s Boat – A movie that was made to honor the legendary water conservationist, Martin Litton, this movie highlights the efforts started by Martin to conserve the Grand Canyon and how his legacy is being carried on till date.

Critically acclaimed for highlighting the importance of our ecosystem and an adventure perspective movie, this movie is must watch for anyone who wants to know about the Grand Canyon and its condition over the years.

Valley Uprising – For those who want to get a boost of adrenaline through rock climbing, this movie explores the journey of first-generation climbers and how they shaped the sport of rock climbing into history.

Set in Yosemite National Park, the movie highlights the struggles and victories of the climbers as they challenged the authorities to shape the future.

The world is a beautiful and adventurous place, and if watching movies online can inspire you to put on your trekking boots and set on the adventure of a lifetime, make no delay in setting up your summer towards an eventful and inspiring one through these adventurous movies.

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