The Story Behind the Movie “Truth or Dare?”

Behind the Movie

If you are a horror movie goer, you’ll be familiar with production companies that give the truth or dare questions with the best horror chills and vibes. The Blumhouse film production company has entered the theaters again with some of their new horrors such as Split, Happy Death Day, and 2018’s Truth or Dare.

The box-office hit horror movie Truth or Dar stars Lucy Hale as Olivia on the lead role. Unlike the classic truth or dare game which inspired the concept of this movie, the game being played on the film is more than just a means to an end–or will it ever end?

The Story

The story revolves around the spring vacation of a group of friends. It’s typically the vacay-gone-wrong kind of scene. There’s this man who introduced his name to them as Carter who is also responsible of bringing them into the unending truth or dare game.

The game was cursed and said to be controlled by a demonic entity called a trickster. The trickster’s name on the film is Calax. He controls not only the game but also those who dare to play. He gives them torturous visions and can even send them messages literally, engraved on their body, written on walls, and even through electronic devices. Basically, the players have no choice but to play game-on!

Truth or Dare Game

The twist of the game in this film is that it’s cursed and it’s simply unending.

You tell the truth, or else you’ll die.

You do the dare, or else you’ll die.

Play the game, or else you’ll die.

It was later revealed that another rule for this game is that if two players choose truth consecutively, the next player will be forced to choose dare. As tricky as the game may seem until the curse isn’t broken, a number of people will continue to play and these players will continue to die.

The game was first played by a group of friends which happens to include Carter who has eventually revealed his real name Sam. As it was told in the movie, while he and his group of friends were playing the truth or dare game in the church, Sam accidentally breaks a pot which happens to contain the trickster demon named Calax. However, it isn’t clear if these group of players has already stopped playing or if they are still into it.

The Resolution

This movie’s ending left the viewers hanging. Will the game ever stop? No one knows. This might actually give way to a sequel—or a prequel in that case! The story of the first players—Sam and his friends—weren’t that clearly shown in the movie. It isn’t even clear if Sam’s still into the game or not.

Nonetheless, it is a really good movie. Blumhouse took horror fans into a new plot of tricky horrors. There are rumors spreading that there will be a next film related to this one, yet there are no official announcements and press release coming from Blumhouse as of the moment.

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