Best Movies That Feature Mountaineers on Netflix

Feature Mountaineers on Netflix

Netflix has become a reliable platform for online film streaming. Over the years, it has provided people with incredible selections of movies of different genres. While a lot of these tackle action and love, there are some that are about adventures, particularly true-to-life ones like mountaineering. If you’re planning to watch one of these, here are some recommendations that will surely put you on the edge of your seat.

The Summit

K2 is considered to be one of the deadliest mountains in the world, which means that hiking is close to suicidal. That, however, did not stop groups of people in 2008 from actually trying.

The movie focuses on the people who attempted to reach the top of K2 in 2008. The whole movie is about their hardships, giving viewers a close up of what they experienced in the mountain, one of which was an unexpected avalanche that caused the death of 11 people. The movie also shows heroic acts done by the different characters and how they did things for the benefit of others.

Touching The Void.

Touching the Void is based on Joe Simpson’s journey to the Siula Grande located in Peruvian Andes in 1985 with his partner Simon Yates. It is said to be one of the best films that feature mountaineers. The movie is a mix of success and failure. The duo was able to reach the summit, but the challenges didn’t stop there. While they were descending from the Siula Grande, Simpson fell, earning him a broken leg. That’s when the real challenges happened. Touching the Void is a movie not only about the success of reaching one summit but also about being committed to bravery and hope despite the impossible obstacles.

Mount St. Elias

Mount St Elias features three brave ski mountaineers and their journey up and down the longest ski descent on Earth. The movie shows how the obstacles they faced tested their limits. It’s is full of terrifyingly breathtaking scenes that make it one of the best mountaineering movies.

Beyond The Edge

Beyond the Edge is about the success of two men to first reach the summit of Mt. Everest in 1953. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s success inspired a long trail of mountaineers after they made the headlines for the unthinkable success. Along with the beautiful sceneries, the movie depicts not a tragic but a happy ending that makes it more encouraging for people to watch.

Into The Mind

Into The Mind is another film about ski mountaineering. The film featured multiple places such as Alaska, the Himalaya, and Bolivia. It’s about searching the best and wildest mountains to ski at. Ski mountaineers J.P. Auclair, Benji Farrow, and Xavier de le Rue all led the search.

Everest: IMAX

This documentary film features a film crew with the renowned director David Breashers as they tried their best to capture the beauty of the Himalaya along with the tragedies that slowly unfolded throughout their journey. The movie was so good that it was hailed one of the best in its field.

K2: The Ultimate High

Unlike some movies that tackled the highest mountain in the world, this one focused on the second one. It’s a fictional story based on a play K2 wherein two friends with a team of mountaineers tried to take on one of the, if not the hardest, mountains to climb. The challenges they experienced along the way shed light on the real obstacles climbers experience on their journey to the top.


So grab a seat, take your popcorn, and enjoy these amazing movies on Netflix while you can.

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