When talking about friendship, it is the children who give a huge optimistic opinion of the Internet as well as the potential it provides. The World Childhood Foundation, and Telia Company conducted a study which proved that more than 50% of the children involved totally agreed that the Internet guided them to find new friends.

It is the children’s online advice to those who are younger than them to utilize all the possibilities online to create additional friends, without discrimination and without malevolence.

The Children’s Advisory Panel (CAP) is a resourceful plan by the Telia Company in cooperation with children’s rights associations and involved schools in seven nations across the Baltic and Nordic area.

It was established to further comprehend children’s personal viewpoints when it comes to the Internet and the technological factors of life by knowing their side through qualitative techniques.

During CAP seminars, advice and ideas of children who are 12 years old from seven Baltic and Nordic nations to those who are younger of them were gathered in forms of animated movies.

There were a total of 200 animated movies created that focused on five main topics:



Reliable Information


School assignments

In the movies, more than 770 youngsters were involved and make their movies with Plotagon animating software.

Conscious but Well-informed

Regardless of the benefits of the Internet, these movies serve as online advice to provide knowledge to the children about the danger and hindrances of their Internet experience.

In the survey about information found on the Internet, 63% of children who underwent the study have the knowledge how to identify true and false information online, while 40% think that they frequently notice Internet gossips.

According to them, it is advisable that they ask for parental guidance or other people older than them for help, to be careful, and be certain about the data read on the Internet.

Telia Company’s Head of Sustainability, Anne Larilahti said that the outcome of the new Children’s Advisory Panel (CAP) study asserts their conclusion that youngsters are by this time fairly well-informed and flexible Internet users, and that they have methods to adapt with different kinds of dangers found on the Internet.

She also added that the utilization of those animated moves became an illuminating and innovative method to acquire knowledge about how children truly think in their perception, which will be much useful for their company and other associations they are connected to in the future studies and deeds for the rights of the children.

How are children’s rights tackled?

It cannot be denied that youngsters and other children are vigorous explorers of the online world.

Making sure that there is a much secure utilization of the Internet among these youngsters and children is included in the company’s role to show accountable work. Telia Company upgraded its methods to have high regards for the rights of children in collaboration with Save the Children.

The process tells about:

A safe organization responsibility for children’s rights as an emphasized field

Developing consciousness of children’s rights and the systematic structure among significant civil stakeholders

An official effective method

Studies among the gaps in certain corporations.

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