What It Takes To Have a Perfect Outdoor Movie Party

Outdoor Movie Party

Most of the time, during summer, families prepare for backyard movie parties. If you are showbox apk user, then this is seen as a summer tradition for you. Summer is seasonal, and therefore people rush to utilize the season before it ends.

An outdoor movie party in the backyard requires some preparation. Although the audience always comprises of your family and maybe a few friends, the atmosphere created is fascinating and memorable.

Having good company, good food, and a big screen in your backyard is an awesome summer experience. Here is a list of 5 things you need for an outdoor movie party.


A projector is a necessity for outdoor viewing. The important features you need to look for in an outdoor viewing setup are the resolution and brightness output (lumens). It is not easy to calculate the amount of brightness you need. However, values of between 3000 and 4000 lumens are recommended.

Remember that the lighting conditions are important as well. The projector cannot win over the daylight. Therefore, you need to set up the right resolution. For screen sizes of up to 100 inches, you need a projector with a resolution of Full HD 1080p.


Outdoor projection screens are available in many shapes and sizes. You may go for an inflatable type or a stand-mounted type depending on your preference.

Before you purchase the screen, you should look at your viewing environment and determine which screen size and installation type fit in your backyard. For windy backyards, you should look for a screen that has support anchors.

Mounting the screen on the support anchors is an exciting experience. You can be as creative as possible. Some people even mount the screens on the fences or tree branches. However, it is recommended that you adopt a safe installation approach.

Video source

The video source chosen should pair well with your outdoor system. Since you have a movie party, you should not spend much time setting a complex video source set up.

The video source can even be kept indoors and connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you like watching TV online, then you need to live stream the content from an online source. In this case, you will not need a physical video source.

Speaker system

The speaker system should be well powered for an outdoor party. The size of the speaker you purchase is dependent on the space in your backyard. It is recommended that you go for a bigger speaker and then control the sound by adjusting the volume.

Little things

There are some little things that many people forget when planning for an outdoor party. You need to have insect repellants, inform your neighbors, and ensure power connection is reliable.

Final Thought

An outdoor movie party during summer is fun and memorable. However, to ensure that you have the best experience, you should plan and prepare well ahead of the party. The above items are the most important things you need to consider for an outdoor movie party.

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