How To Set Up Backyard Theaters And Outdoor Movies

Outdoor Movies

Long ago, during the age of boomers, having to watch movies outside was common. As per altadefinizione, People can drive their way to the location, park, and start to chill. Nowadays, with such improvements in modern technology, it is seldom used on plazas and amphitheaters.

With so much information accessed through small devices like smartphones, the movie theaters can seem much like a luxury. However, no matter how much convenience they bring, sometimes you want to enjoy a movie or watching TV online with other people of common interests. The good news is you can now set your own outdoor theater with the following steps.

Items Needed to Prepare

In order to build your own outdoor movie theater, you need to have at least these items.

Video projector

Large screen

Audio system with heavy-duty speakers

Media players such as laptop, DVD or Blu-ray player or even a smartphone device

Compatible cables

Power cord extensions

Electrical tapes

If you don’t have any of the expensive ones like the projector, audio system, or media player, weigh in the magnitude of the intent if the investment is really needed. If not, then considering rental services can be the most economical option.

Steps on How to Set up

You don’t need to be an engineer or technician to figure it out since all you have to know is the basic knowledge of electrical appliances such as connecting different components on TV or computer. For safety precautions, seek the help of others. Here are the steps to setting your outdoor movie theater up.

Choosing the Projector Screen

The projector screen depends on the size of the audience intended. The best choice is the pull-up screen where most professional presentations are used. However, that can be applied if the area is wide where viewing from a dozen meters or more is encouraged.

For an economical reason, an existing flat, white-painted wall is a great substitute. For even more budget constraints, a white-painted wooden board or a white cloth properly placed can suffice. The important thing is to have the display undistorted.

Selection of Projector

The more quality you want to display and the greater viewing area you need to accommodate, the more powerful the projector you will be needing. Quantities like video resolution, frames per second, and lumens influence the wattage needed. Evaluate whether you need to view a casual, simple movie or a CGI-based blockbuster before fully investing in the appropriate projector.

Connections to Video Source

The most common interfaces are RCA and HDMI cables. The projector’s manual is easy to read and the plugs are easily connected. Just imagine the projector’s purpose is similar to that of a TV or a computer monitor.

Connections to Audio Source

Nowadays, the great experience is on a 5.1 surround system audio. The range of sounds is so effectively distributed and can be very much observed on blockbuster movies.

However, in terms of budget constraints or just having an existing component, a stereo sound system is the most common of alternatives. For viewing alone on mobile phones, having a headset is the minimum.

Final Testing

To ensure the best viewing experience, test it out for your self. Explore the limitations of viewing and hearing distances. From there, you can adjust accordingly until you find the setup satisfying.

Commonly Neglected Safety Precautions

Here are some of the safety practices you can neglect unknowingly:

Do not overload the outlet of the power cord extension.

Use a heavy-duty, outdoor power cord extension.

Do not block the airways of the projector.

Ensure that the whole set-up is protected from rain, wind, or any debris; otherwise, make sure the weather conditions are favorable for around 3-4 hours.

Tape all exposed wirings and connections with electrical tape properly.

Provide priority seating for common non-normal viewers, like the elderly or with oversensitivity to sound or images, to avoid negative impact.

Avoid exposure to sunlight or have the projector screen reflected by the sunrays.


Outdoor viewing is a great activity where you, your family, and/or dozens of strangers can enjoy under the starry night sky or a fair afternoon. With a bucket of popcorn, a few beers, or other foods you can’t enjoy in a movie theater, you are set for a laidback experience. You can even make it a business too.

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