Getting Your Dog Fit for Summer Fun

Dog Fit for Summer Fun

Dogs need the exercises to get into shape. Most dog owners dont read this review and walk along with their dogs in all seasons. However, during the summer and spring seasons, most dog owners prefer to engage their dogs in outdoor activities such as swimming, running, and hiking. The following are training programs that you and your dog need to follow to get ready for high activity levels and summer heat.

Plan for an annual physical exam: Just like Human beings who seek advice from a physician before enrolling for a fitness program; dog owners need to consult a veterinarian on increasing exercise activities for the dogs. Veterinarians will be responsible for doing a health check on the dog to see whether it is fit for increased physical activities and exercises.

Know the dietary needs of your dogs: Proper nutrition is key when planning to increase physical activities for your dog. Dogs need to be healthy before starting a summer fitness program. Dogs that will be active during the summer months are supposed to take a high-quality digestible diet. However, if a dog is taking high-quality food and it is only required to run 2 miles in a day, there is no need to change the diet.

Begin by short, low-intensity workout: If your dog has been sedentary throughout winter or it is not in good health, you should start by taking it through some slow exercises and gradually increase the intensity, distance and time. This is the best approach since it slowly strengths the muscles of your dogs, increases the aerobic capacity, and helps the dog adapt to physical activities.

Always pay attention to your dog during the exercise: Dogs have various ways of communicating what they feel. A dog may sit down or lag behind when doing physical activities to demonstrate that it is uncomfortable, tired, and hot. Dogs are known to pant when doing any activity; however, if your dog is panting too much, give it a break since it might be overheating.

Based on research, 80 percent of the energy the dog uses during exercise is converted into heat which must be removed from the body. Through painting the dog removes this excess heat from the body. When the dog is involved in intense activities or exercise during hot seasons, the heat is likely to increase the body temperature. Even though dogs can handle a few degrees of an increase in body temperature, a prolonged increase in body temperature can be disastrous. This is why, as a dog owner, you are supposed to keep monitoring your dog during summertime activities.

When preparing dog food, keep in mind that it must contain vitamins, minerals, calories, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Freshwater is another important nutrient you should give to your dog. High-quality dog food should contain animal proteins such as venison, duck, or bison. Ensure you correctly read the labels when choosing food for your dog. You also need to consult a veterinarian on the type of food for your dog.

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