Home-Based Outdoor Cinema Nights

Outdoor Cinema Nights

There is no better time to create a free outdoor home-based cinema like the present! With the world recovering from the pandemic and social distancing and quarantine rules in place – your family and your friends could use a fun, bonding activity. Here is a quick guide perfect for future filmmakers to having epic movie nights.

How To Create A Home Based Cinema

With this guide, you will find it easy to create a cinema in your backyard – all by yourself! It’s really very easy to create a temporary home-based cinema outdoors, especially if you have the right equipment. Outdoor cinemas is an amazing activity everyone can enjoy. A permanent installation requires work and more time.

You need a projector, a portable screen or a sheet without wrinkles (wrinkles may be distracting), and a sound system. If you use a sheet, remember to keep the edges straight and properly secured to a stand or flat surface.

Any reliable, good quality projector is sufficient. Your sound system may be Bluetooth audio, or a portable speaker system.

Set up your outdoor cinema in a backyard or against any exterior wall in your home. It may be in front of your garage, or in the middle of two trees. Choose the best location to set up your screen. Prep your speakers. Put your projector on a stool or table. Connect the projector to a media streamer and attach the speakers.

Grab pillows and blankets, snacks, and drinks. If you’re going for a romantic or cozy ambiance, hang string lights around the sheet or screen, as well as along your trees. Put off the lights, settle down to enjoy family-friendly flicks!

Movies To Watch In Your Outdoor Cinema

Are you looking for the best movie recommendations for outdoor cinemas? Scroll through this list! These movies have been widely positively recommended and applauded even by filmmakers. They are considered gifts for filmmakers, families, and the average film enthusiast alike.


Cars 1, 2, and 3 are all great movies. They are hilarious, kid-friendly, and well-made. The animation is captivating and dazzling. The storyline is surprisingly profound. Because it has three parts, you can turn your movie night into a movie marathon. Race with Lightning Macqueen as he learns valuable lessons about self-worth, winning, and friendship.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

This movie won an Oscar for its visual effects and has been nominated for numerous awards. Made in 1989, it is a classic. Indiana Jones travels to India in 1935. India was still colonized by Britain then. Indiana Jones is tasked with location a stone surrounded with mystery. He accidentally uncovers a secret cult that commits atrocities such as human sacrifices and enslavement in the remains of an ancient palace. Indiana has to end the cult, destroy the Temple of Doom and restore the mystical precious stone.

Where The Wild Things Are

Adapted from a children’s book, Where The Wild Things Are takes you on a journey with Max to a new world- the land of Wild Things. Max becomes a king – and he realizes that it is impossible to make everyone happy, even as a king.

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