All You Need for Trunk Camping, Drive-in Movies, and Car Picnics

Car Picnics

Due to our current situation, we are given limitations to what we can do with best portable jump starters and where we can go, one of those limitations are public places which would include cinemas and parks. However, we should look at the bright side and think of this as an opportunity to try new things such as car picnics, drive-in movies, and trunk camping. Even though our current world had given us restrictions we should not let these limit the fun we can do together with our friends and family.

As such surges for RV sales have been booming ever since the pandemic has begun. This may be because you can do pretty much anything in an RV some of these activities can be a night drive-in theater, an afternoon trunk picnic or an overnight camp, or even just the simplest of activities like buying car accessories.

Most commonly, travelers tend to forget some of the most valuable items you should pack when going on a trip. Here are just some of the things that you might want to bring along with you when you are going on overnight or even a day trip.

  • A Car Aux Cord – One of the essentials that you need when going on a trip is good music that everyone can jam too and a long car aux cord is very helpful indeed. It allows you to manage songs from the tap of your phone and you can take turns in picking the songs you all want to play.
  • Rise Infinity 2 Portable Solar Charger – We all know that our phone had become one of our essential things to bring whenever we go somewhere and it isn’t new to us that the batteries of our phones do not last all day especially when used. A portable solar charger is sure to come in handy especially when taking an overnight trip.
  • Classic Lawn Chairs – For people who would go on picnics this is one of the must-haves you should bring. An extra chair is always much better than having no place to sit at.
  • Personal Cooler – This is for your cold foods but most specifically for your drinks like colas and water, it can also be used to store meat if you are thinking of having a barbecue party.
  • Portable Radio – Technically when visiting a drive-in theater, your car radio can instantly tune into the movie but it can also drain your car battery so instead, we recommend bringing a portable FM radio.
  • Water Bottles & Thermos – If you bring a cooler you should also bring a thermos that stores your hot water, coffee, or just tea for longer hours.
  • Bug Sprays – May it be an overnight trunk camp or a car picnic or just buying car accessories, bugs are sure to be everywhere you go so better to be careful than not.

Of course, do not forget to be extra careful in driving and look upon what kind of weather you will be having when you go out to avoid any hindrances for the activities you want to do.

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