Watching the Fireworks

The Fourth of July Fireworks Display is a widely-celebrated event in the entirety of the United States of America. In the Marin Area, the fireworks are even more spectacular yet more popular. Due to this, people often crowd the great viewing spots of the fireworks.

It might be alright for you if you’re doing this with your family. However, for families with infants and young children, watching this great event may prove a bit inconvenient especially for the youngsters. If you have children and want them to watch the display comfortably, you might have to stay inside the family car as you watch.

The Marin County Parks also holds an annual Fireworks and S’mores Feast Fair. This event is usually held at McInnis Park. With a small parking lot with a great view of the display, it might be the perfect spot for those who want to keep their young children comfortable.

Those who live in the southern Marin area may want to view the San Francisco Golden Gate display. Since the surrounding viewing areas on land will be too crowded due to its popularity, the best way would be to view from a boat. Luckily, a fireworks cruise is offered, although it will incur additional costs.