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Going to the cinema is a great experience, but an at-home cinema kicks it up a notch

The effects of 3D action movies are spectacular when the viewing experience is in a cinema, and horror flicks are scary due to the high volume, but you can enjoy more of the same at home. Although, you will need the right gear, and it's what you will find here.

Aside from useful articles about setting up an outdoor or indoor home cinema, input related to movies and all topics cinephiles adore, Film Night offers reviews intended for shopping assistance.


When and How the Magic Started

  • 04.04.202001

    A successful brainstorming session

    The lockdown was boring at times, but we enjoyed watching movies at home and commenting on them in our group chat afterward. After a few weeks, a genius idea popped to mind - starting a website where we share our knowledge about movies and at-home cinema experience products. Do what you love, and you won't feel like you are working.

  • 25.05.202102

    Halfway there and filled with excitement

    Lockdown was already over for quite a while, and we got the chance to meet face-to-face once again. We got to analyze and test products together and came up with ideas for informative articles for our future readers. The significant boost in our productivity from collaborating amplified the quality of the final content.

  • 02.06.202203

    Our efforts come to life

    We upload our first article, "How to Set Up an Outdoor Movie Screen", officially launching the website. Here, we hope to help cinephiles find the gear they need for at-home movie viewings and provide recommendations in regard to film and entertainment to make their experience unforgettable.


The People Behind the Articles

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